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Wednesday Oct 10 @ 04:52pm

Anonymous said: You don't know what it's like to be alone. So you lost one friend. You've probably already replaced them. Like you have many times before. This is nothing new to you. You'll always find someone else to drag down with you. You're weak like that.

Look at you trying to stir stuff up again. You don’t know who I am anymore. You know who I was and Im sorry I put you through hell. There is no point in bringing any of that back or trying to use it against me. You’ve been hurt enough and so have I. Just leave it and stop assuming the worst. I know your message has nothing to do with the topic you made it seem for and everything to do with other current events. I’m not stupid nor surprised. Honestly, that just happens to line up. There was no replacing. I still love that other person that I ranted about very much there’s just a lot of things left unsaid and it still hurts me. But you know what? That’s none of your business nor are the other current events. Please stop looking for problems when there isnt any problem in the first place.

Wednesday Oct 10 @ 03:44pm
Why cant i function

Like a normal fucking human being?!
Is it that hard?!
Im just scared all the fucking time. All the time. Its like i know it isn’t that hard to be a good fucking friend. I know it isn’t that hard. But at the same time it is. I just cant be let down again. I will die… or even worse i wont die… i wont care because I’m used to it. Its just happened so many times. Its in the past… Just fucking let it go! Its just too many times. I stand by and allow it to happen because in a way i deserve it. I deserve nothing special. I am nothin special. Just another fucked soul that will continuously be lost in the darkness of my past.

I want to be a good friend… Sometimes its just really hard…
Im selfish, scared, and lost.

Wednesday Oct 10 @ 10:14am
Wednesday Oct 10 @ 06:39am
Feeling like a fucking asshole.

Why did i drink so much and smoke so much. Clearly I’m incapable of being a good friend. Its 6 am. Im up because my mind was moving too much in my sleep again. I’m sure of it. Its all because I’m a fucking asshole friend. Good job, Hannah.

Wednesday Oct 10 @ 05:57am
It bothers me that no one has the patience to deal with someone who is just sad. (via childish-cambino) Tuesday Sep 9 @ 03:16pm

Tigers Jaw - I saw water


Tigers Jaw - I saw water

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